September 15, 2016

Do you feel a sense of dread any time you have to go to a periodontist’s office? Many people feel anxiety before getting dental work done, but fortunately, there is a solution. We offer sedation dentistry for a variety of procedures, including dental implants. There are several advantages you stand to gain.

You Are Relaxed

The main reason people opt for sedation is that they can finally relax while in the periodontist’s chair. Some people simply do not like when a dentist pokes around in their mouths. They may have a tendency to fidget. Sedation allows you to remain calm and cooperative with anything the periodontist asks.

Gag Reflex Is Suppressed

Some people are more likely to gag while getting dental work done. This can be due to have a hyperactive gag reflex. Anxiety can make this reflex even stronger. With sedation, this feeling is controlled so that a periodontist can work around in your mouth with ease.

Save Time and Money

Anxiety can be so severe that people are unable to sit in the chair for long periods of time. This can necessitate multiple appointments to take care of a single problem. Sedation allows you to sit comfortably for an hour or longer, so everything gets done in one sitting. Fewer appointments also results in less money spent on a bunch of meetings.

Better Cooperation

Most people think about anesthesia when discussing sedation dentistry. However, there are other forms, including oral sedation. This method will not make you fall asleep entirely. Instead, you will be awake and able to comply with any of our periodontist’s instructions.

Call Our Office

The office of Dr. Kenneth J. Cavallari offers various types of sedation dentistry, so we can select the best one for your needs. Whether you require gum grafting or a scaling and root planing procedure, give us a call to get started.



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