January 14, 2019

There are many patients who feel anxiety at the thought of having dental work done but for a few, the fear prevents them from getting the dental health care that they need. Sedation dentistry can be an excellent solution. It allows patients to feel no pain during a procedure and have no memory of it after the procedure. Dr. Kaz Zymantas recommends IV sedation dentistry in his Naperville, IL, practice for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

What is IV Sedation Dentistry?

With this method of sedation, a sedative is administered to the bloodstream intravenously. Patients feel no discomfort. Though they are conscious and can follow directions, they experience a kind of procedure amnesia. Also referred to as sleep dentistry, IV sedation has helped many patients improve dental health, who would have otherwise avoided dental work.

Who Can Have IV Sedation Dentistry?

Any patient who needs a high level of relaxation can opt for this treatment, though it is typically used for patients with:

  • Severe anxiety
  • Complex or extensive dental work
  • Active gag reflex
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Small mouths
  • Previous bad experience with dental work
  • Allergies to traditional anesthetics

Can Any Dentist Perform Sedation Dentistry?

An extremely small percentage of doctors are trained and licensed to perform IV sedation dentistry. Dr. Zymantas, for example, has received additional training and certification for oral and intravenous sedation. He is also a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology and has ACLS training.

Is sedation dentistry right for you? There is no need to feel self-conscious; many of our patients request sedation methods. To learn more about IV sedation dentistry in Naperville, IL, schedule a visit to our office. Dr. Zymantas offers IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide, as well as topical and local anesthesia. Call us for a consultation and discuss your dental health needs with Dr. Zymantas.



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