April 3, 2019

Dental anxiety is a very real problem that affects a large number of adults across the United States. It unfortunately keeps many patients from seeking the dental treatment they so desperately need. Dr. Tom McCawley, Dr. Mark McCawley, and the rest of our staff at McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants offer sedation dentistry to make visiting your periodontist in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a much more comfortable experience.

Benefits to Sedation Dentistry 

There are many great reasons to consider sedation during your dental visit:

  • It makes you more relaxed during your visit.
  • It is easier for the periodontist to work on your teeth and gums if you are relaxed.
  • Some types of sedation make you forget about the procedure.
  • Sedation makes certain procedures less painful.
  • It can help you overcome difficulties, such as if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

Types of Sedation Best for Certain Patients 

While nitrous oxide or laughing gas is commonly called in dental offices, it promotes a feeling of relaxation rather than numbing any area or putting a patient to sleep. Dr. McCawley can help determine which type of sedation is best for your needs depending on your level of anxiety. We offer two main sedation options:

  • Oral: This is a pill taken about an hour before treatment and promotes a relaxed state. Many patients do not have any memory of the procedure once the pill wears off.
  • IV: We use a special process to make placing the IV easier on patients. We administer the sedative directly into the bloodstream. Depending on your needs, you can remain conscious during a procedure but have little to no memory after, or we can put you under. 

Learn More Today

Dr. McCawley and our staff are happy to work with you to help you find the sedation option that best first your needs. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.



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