May 4, 2016

Many people feel a little anxious before walking into the dentist’s office. Some people have such severe anxiety that they avoid going at all costs even if they know there is a problem with their oral health. If this describes you, then talk to our general dentist about getting sedation dentistry in Durango, CO.

  1. Nitrous Oxide

You may know this treatment as laughing gas. You breathe it in, and you feel much more at ease. You are still awake during your procedure and can interact with the dentist. The gas wears off rapidly so that you are able to drive yourself home after the treatment.

  1. Oral Sedation

Some patients will be given a pill to take before the procedure. Some people manage to remain awake but relaxed while other individuals do end up falling asleep. If that happens to you, your dentist will still be able to wake you up relatively easily.

  1. IV Sedation

Instead of receiving a sedative orally, you may be given it intravenously. This will put you to sleep more quickly. Your general dentist will also be able to adjust the sedative levels you are receiving.

  1. Anesthesia

This is the strongest form of sedation, and you will need someone to drive you home following the treatment. Anesthesia makes you completely unconscious during the procedure. The effects of the sedative will need to wear off on their own before you can wake up, or medication can be given to reverse the effects more rapidly.

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If you have issues with sitting in the dentist’s chair, then let your dentist know. Dr. Mason Miner has treated numerous patients over the years, some of whom had a severe aversion to getting dental treatment. A solution is available, so to get started, contact our office at (970) 247-2677. At our office, we will make you feel right at home.



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