January 30, 2017

Getting a root canal might be the only way to get relief from an abscess, unbearable pain or treat a deep cavity. Here at Waterside Dental, we like for our patients to know the right way to prepare for your root canal at our office in Port Charlotte, FL. Below are four steps to ensure you are well prepared for your upcoming procedure.

1. Refrain From Taking Painkillers

No matter what your friends or anyone else might tell you, it is best that you do not take painkillers before your root canal. One reason for this is that your general dentist will give you anesthesia before your procedure, meaning there is no need for additional numbing. Something else to think about is the fact that you might need to let us know where the pain is located before we start the procedure, which is hard to do if you have taken a painkiller.

2. Let Us Know If You Are Nervous

It is perfectly normal to be apprehensive or anxious about your root canal. Do not hesitate to let someone know if you feel uneasy before your procedure. While we can numb your mouth before your root canal, that may not be enough to quell your concerns. We are more than happy to do everything we can to keep you calm and even offer sedation dentistry, so please let us know if you are even the slightest bit nervous.

3. Do Not Take Antibiotics

Something else you will want to refrain from doing before your procedure is taking any kind of antibiotic. If you are on antibiotics when it is time for your root canal, be sure to let us know. The reason for this tip is because we want to avoid harmful and dangerous drug interactions.

4. Do Not Drink Alcohol Before Your Root Canal

Alcohol is sometimes used to calm the nerves, and you may want to have a few drinks before your procedure. We recommend against this, mainly because having a hangover is a sure way to make your recovery that much rougher.

Contact your Waterside Dental general dentist with any questions you might have. Our goal is to see to it that your root canal is a complete success.



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