January 25, 2016

Once thought to be something only done during major surgeries, today sedation is taking over the dental world. You might choose to go the route of sedation dentistry for a number of reasons.

You Are in Control

When you choose sedation, you are the one who decides how far “under” you would like to be. Sedation is available in four different levels.

  • Minimal
  • Moderate
  • Deep
  • General anesthesia

Sedation drugs are usually ingested, but might also be administered via IV. Depending on your preferences, you could be awake but very relaxed or you could be completely unconscious.

You Might Not Be as Fearful

For many people, going to the dentist is scary. If you typically avoid the dentist due to anxiety issues, a sedation dentist in Auburndale, FL might help. Because you can opt to be asleep for the appointment, you often have no memory of any of the procedures.

You Will Not Feel Embarrassed

Another reason that some people avoid the dentist is due to embarrassment over how their teeth look. Instead of avoiding dental treatment to the point that the problem becomes even worse, you might turn to sedation dentistry to get the treatment you need without worrying about being embarrassed.

It Can Help With Medical Issues

Perhaps you have issues controlling your movements due to Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy or another medical condition. Certain medical issues can make it difficult for a dentist to work, leading to an unhappy patient. Sedation dentistry often helps control movements, resulting in an easier appointment for everyone involved.

It Might Save Time

Have more than one procedure done at a time could become too painful, leading you to schedule more appointments and take more time out of your regular day. However, sedation dentistry often allows you to undergo multiple procedures on the same day so you need fewer appointments.

Although sedation dentistry is not right for every patient, it has been known to help many. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Frederick D. Thurston, a sedation dentist in Auburndale, FL, by calling 844-827-0839.



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