January 26, 2016

Sedation dentistry is a procedure that uses the administration of sedative drugs in order to complete dental procedures. Dr. William Gielincki, Jr. is a prosthodontist who uses this type of procedure in Jacksonville, FL. Here are six signs that you may need to go to a sedation dentist in Jacksonville, FL:

1.Low Pain Threshold

If you have a low pain threshold, you may struggle with the type of services that most dental professionals offer. Dental implants, smile makeovers and even cosmetic dentistry may cause pain, especially for someone with a low pain threshold. Turning to sedation dentistry will give you a break from the pain.

2.Sensitive Teeth

Similarly, if you have sensitive teeth, you may have more discomfort than someone who does not have sensitive teeth. A sedation dentist in Jacksonville, FL, will be able to give you a better dental experience.


There are a lot of people who feel anxious at a dentist’s office. If you find yourself putting off cleanings and cosmetic procedures due to your anxiety, sedation can help you stay calmer.

4.Gag Reflex

Another reason patients turn to sedation dentistry is because of a bad gag reflex. If your gag reflex prevents the dentist from properly doing their job, you will need to be sedated.

5.Long Dental Procedure

Some dental procedures, such as dental implants, removing wisdom teeth, filling multiple cavities or repairing chips, can take a long time to complete. Often dentists choose to use sedation in these cases.

6.Difficulty Sitting Still

Finally, if you struggle to sit still, sedation dentistry may be your best option. Many dental procedures, if not all, require you to sit absolutely still. If you cannot do this, it may be a sign that you need to go to a sedation dentist in Jacksonville, FL.

No matter your reason for wanting to use sedation dentistry, make sure to call our team. We will be delighted to assess your situation and give you the service you need. Call Dr. Gielincki at 904.688.5292 to learn how we can help.



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