December 14, 2017

Experiencing dental anxiety is a relatively common feeling for many people around the world. If your fear of the dentist is preventing you from getting treatment, you need to look at solutions to help you feel more comfortable. Today, there are many different treatment options available to help anxious patients feel calm. Dr. Irwan Goh is a dental provider specializing in dental anxiety in Las Vegas, NV and can help ease your fears in the dentist’s chair. It is time to stop feeling stressed out about your fears and take charge of your treatment.

Stop Putting Off Treatment

Putting off your dental treatment, even if you have a large amount of dental anxiety, can lead to serious dental issues down the road. Skipping regular cleanings and routine dental checkups can lead to more instances of tooth decay and more invasive treatments.

Feel Relaxed at the Dentist 

Instead, you can work with Dr. Goh to feel calm and relaxed throughout your entire experience at our office. We can talk about what parts of the treatment make you anxious and turn your visit into something relaxing and enjoyable. Over time, you could start to feel much more comfortable coming in for your routine appointments with Dr. Goh.

Discuss Sedation Options 

Dr. Goh offers a variety of sedation options that can help patients manage their anxiety during treatment. We offer sedation treatment through oral medications, inhalants or intravenously. After discussing your medical history and your level of anxiety, we can create a custom treatment plan right for you.

Take Care of Your Teeth

No matter what kind of sedation type you choose or how many visits you make to our office, it is essential to keep up with your oral routine at home. Practicing optimal brushing and flossing at home can help you avoid too many visits to the dental office for problems.


Call us today to get more information about sedation dentistry with Dr. Goh. We look forward to helping you get back to a healthy mouth.



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