July 18, 2018

While there was a time when it wasn’t so common, sedation dentistry has been in high demand for the last ten years or so. It’s easy to understand why. Patients with dental anxiety can count on a sedation dentist to provide them with a medicated alternative to experiencing that distress. This makes it easier to tolerate dental procedures, which helps increase the oral health of patients with anxiety.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Sedation dentistry offers patients options for sedation when undergoing different dental procedures. Most of the time, that sedation is in the form of an oral pill that can be taken at home. Patients need a ride to and from the office after medicating, but the sedative eases anxiety. Many offices also use nitrous oxide to dull pain and provide a mood elevating effect for procedures where something more than an oral sedative is indicated. Most offices only offer these options for sedation patients.

Dr. Duffy goes further, and at our practice, an anesthesiologist on staff helps us safely provide a full range of options to our sedation patients. That means you can get full dental anesthesia when it’s needed to support your comfort during a procedure.

Benefits of Anesthesia

  • No memory of the procedure for patients with dental or medical trauma
  • Faster procedure completion times
  • Less discomfort from procedures
  • No need to fill a prescription for an oral sedative

For more information about how anesthesia can improve your dental experience, talk to Dr. Duffy about your needs. You can make an appointment easily, all it takes is a phone call during our regular office hours. Our staff is always ready to help, and can explain everything you’ll need to know to be able to explore anesthesia options safely. Don’t wait to get the dental care you need contact us in Orlando, FL today!



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