December 30, 2015

Dental anxiety is a surprisingly common experience; if you feel reluctant to pursue necessary dental care because of anxiety, you are not alone. Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik is a periodontist in Ormond Beach, FL, that wants to make your next appointment more comfortable. We offer sedation dentistry services at our clinic to relieve stress and anxiety. A calmer, more relaxing dental care experience is possible and we can help.

Three Sedation Options

We offer three different sedation options. Each is highly effective at relieving mild to pronounced dental anxiety. Patients can speak with Dr. Kenzik or another member of our care team about these options to determine which is best suited for them. There are three levels of sedation offered at our clinic:

  • Minimal: This level of sedation relieves the anxiety that patients feel before and during their appointment. Patients will feel calm and relaxed while still being able to answer questions and respond physically to instructions. Patients may recall their appointment after sedation has worn off.
  • Moderate: This level of conscious sedation relaxes a patient even more deeply. They will respond to large environmental signals and their speech may be slurred. Most patients do not recall anything about the procedure.
  • Deep: Patients who have pronounced fear or aversion to the dentist’s office are best served by deep sedation. The patient is given medicine that will take them to the edge of consciousness; patients under deep sedation can still be awakened but they do not show signs of hearing or understanding instructions. No memory of the care experience remains after sedation has worn off.

Planning for Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedatives need to be taken about an hour prior to the time that treatment is to begin. Some sedatives will take time to completely wear off, so patients will need to arrange to have someone take them home.

Make an Appointment Today

If anxiety has been preventing you from accessing dental care, we can help. Learn more about our sedation dentistry services and make an appointment with Dr. Kenzik by calling 386-492-9242.



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