September 2, 2017

Each year, millions of Americans put off necessary oral healthcare because of dental anxiety. While there are some that tend to minimize anxiety, any dental professional will tell you that it is not only real, it is having serious consequences for these people every day. Whether it’s increased risks of oral health problems because of a lack of oversight and regular cleanings or more serious issues like cavities turning into pockets of infection that require more intervention and longer recovery times in the end.

This tendency to put things off until one has to see the dentist results in the visits that do happen being more invasive and harder to deal with than everyday visits as a result of this. For many, that winds up starting a chain of behavior that is ultimately destructive. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There is an option for dealing with anxiety from dental procedures comfortably, while still accessing the care of a dentist. It’s called sedation dentistry.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Dr. Strout uses a mild sedative that helps relieve anxiety to make patients more comfortable. It wears off relatively quickly after the procedure, and it is administered in a mild enough dose to avoid serious after-effects. The patient can then relax during the procedure without worrying about the experience.

  • Sedation does not involve losing consciousness, just taking a calming agent
  • Patients still require anesthesia if there are more complex procedures being done
  • The sedative is designed to calm, not to confuse or tranquilize

There are a few sedative options available, and patients react differently to each. Make sure you talk to the dentist about your particular needs and history with sedatives before you try sedation dentistry.

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