February 17, 2016

Children and adults with special needs are some of the sweetest people we have the opportunity to work with in our dental practice. Dr. Christopher Henninger has made it his goal to ensure that every person with special needs receives the individualized care that they require to have a positive experience and outcome at the dentist. Consider the following major reasons you should choose a special needs dentist who offers dental anesthesia in San Diego, CA for your loved one the next time they need to enter a dental office.


Experience Matters

In some cases, a regular professional with average skills and experience will do just fine to get a job done. However, dentistry is not one of those situations. This is particularly true for patients with special needs. As a caregiver for someone with special needs, you understand that knowing how to serve these patients with proper attention, delicate care and patience can make all the difference in their entire dental experience, and may shape how they see the dentist office in the future. Part of this care should include sedation dentistry when a procedure calls for it.


Proper Tools are Essential

No matter how much patience a practitioner and staff have for those with special needs, the reality is they may be difficult to persuade to engage in the proper behavior for undergoing dental procedures. This could be because they are frightened, they do not understand why they have to undergo a procedure, or for Alzheimer’s patients, they may not understand where they are. The safest and most caring way for these people to receive the dental treatments they need is to provide them with one or more kinds of sedation dentistry. Offices without these essential tools cannot truly offer the services these special patients need.


To learn more about how dental anesthesia in San Diego, CA can help your special needs loved one, contact Dr. Henninger’s office by calling 866-907-8677.



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