April 25, 2018

Fear of the dentist is commonplace, but visiting your dentist regularly is a crucial step in maintaining strong oral health. Even if you have a low pain tolerance or cannot stand the sound of drills, you should know that treatment is available for you. Dr. Nargiz Schmidt of Smile in the City is pleased to offer sedation dentistry to help patients with dental anxiety take charge of their treatment options.

Manage Pain and Anxiety

While it is obviously important for oral health professionals to manage any pain that results from the procedures they perform, it is just as important for them to manage their patients’ emotional discomfort. By making sedation dentistry readily available, Smile in the City has cultivated an environment that upholds the well-being of our patients on every level.

Something for Everyone

At Smile in the City, we value the individual needs of everyone we treat. To address the varying levels of pain and anxiety our patients may experience during different procedures, we offer three tiers of sedation:

  • IV sedation – you are unconscious during your entire procedure
  • Oral sedation – you stay awake but feel mellow and lightheaded during the procedure and for several hours after
  • Nitrous oxide – you feel pain and anxiety relief only during the procedure itself

Benefits of Sedation

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Schmidt is used to performing time-consuming procedures such as oral surgeries and tooth restorations. Sedation dentistry can help these procedures be more efficient, since patients can relax while Dr. Schmidt does her job. Sedation techniques can be especially helpful for patients who have not visited a dentist in several years, as it may take longer to assess and treat damage in these cases.

Contact Us

If dental anxiety has been holding you back from seeking the treatment you need, then contact the office of Dr. Schmidt at Smile in the City. We will help you schedule an appointment that incorporates the best pain management techniques available.



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