November 3, 2017

Anxiety often compels intelligent people to do irrational things. Avoiding necessary dental work because of the distress it causes contributes to poor oral health and complicates your treatment options. At North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we want to help. Doctor Christopher Henniger uses advanced sedation dentistry techniques to calm your nerves and provide you with the care you need.

The Impact of Dental Anxiety

You are not the only person with this issue. Most people feel some form of dread when going to the dentist’s office. When the feelings become too intense or discourage you from making necessary visits, they are clinically significant.

Researchers have identified three common concerns patients have:

  • Embarrassment – Worry that your dental team may judge you
  • Pain – Concern that some procedures may hurt
  • Losing Control – Feeling vulnerable during procedures

We understand how you feel, but neglecting your oral health due to dental anxiety harms your overall well-being. Flossing and brushing at home is not enough to adequately care for your teeth. You need regular checkups and professional cleanings.

Long-term neglect allows plaque to build up. You may suffer from cavities, receding gum lines, and tooth loss. Sometimes infections in the mouth damage lead other concerns. When your immune system must fight off toxins, you are more susceptible other illnesses including heart disease, respiratory infections, and diabetes.

Treating with an Intravenous Sedation Technique.

We can help with our advanced sedation techniques. Our intravenous method is more than just a local painkiller. It introduces anesthesia directly to your bloodstream in controlled doses. The drugs take effect quickly. This technique allows Doctor Henniger to perform the necessary procedures while you are sedated saving you the anxiety of the entire experience.

This technique works well for patients with specific circumstances, but it does require careful planning and a thorough evaluation of your condition. If you need help with your dental anxiety in San Diego, CA, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Doctor Henniger today.



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