February 17, 2016

For years, sedation dentistry has been presented as an appealing option for people who may be experiencing severe discomfort due to dental problems, but are too afraid to schedule dental appointments.  Furthermore, dental anesthesia can be extremely beneficial for people with special needs. Some examples of when it works well are outlined below:

  • A person has an intolerable gag reflex when conscious
  • The individual is constantly affected by distressing dental memories
  • Involuntary muscle movements make it difficult or impossible for the patient to remain still in a dental chair
  • There are behavioral problems present that may make a person resistant to receiving dental care

Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy are well accustomed to managing these types of challenges with various types of sedation. If you have been considering visiting a dentist in Orlando, FL, our friendly and accommodating office staff members are ready to make your experience a pleasant one.


Choosing the Best Option

About 35 percent of patients rely on inhaled nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” to feel more at ease during their procedures. A special needs patient who is scared of needles may be an excellent candidate for it, especially because this type of dental anesthesia is inhaled.

On the other hand, general anesthesia eliminates bodily sensations and responses, which could allow people who are highly sensitive to touch and sound when they are awake to safely receive dental interventions while sleeping. Some of the solutions we offer are administered intravenously, which is helpful when people cannot tolerate masks on their faces.

During a consultation, a dentist in Orlando, FL will carefully weigh all the factors to make a well-informed recommendation about how to proceed with dental treatment. There is no reason why members of the special needs population should delay getting dental treatment due to physical, mental and emotional challenges that may make dentistry interventions difficult to pursue.

Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy are ready to help. Just call (407) 930-1570 to inquire about getting an appointment.



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