September 17, 2018

Visiting your dentist is extremely important, yet you might put it off because going in for a checkup or procedure makes you nervous. Dental techniques have changed a lot over the years, and sedation dentistry is now a fairly common option for even the most routine of procedures. Dr. Ghina Morad offers a number of options to help patients relax and receive the oral care they need for a more comfortable visit.

Options We Offer

  • Local Anesthesia. Commonly referred to as Novocain, local anesthesia is administered directly to or near the area being worked on to numb it. This option is useful for procedures such as filling of cavities.
  • Nitrous Oxide. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask to help patients relax. This can be used for just about any procedure. There are no side effects as the gas only has a relaxing effect while it is inhaled. It is useful for preparing for minor or complex procedures.
  • Oral Sedatives. An oral sedative is a pill that a patient may take about an hour before any procedure. This helps the patient to relax. Oral sedatives are useful for preparing for complex procedures, such as a root canal or dental implants.
  • Movie Glasses. While not a sedative that affects the body, Dr. Morad offers movie glasses to take a patient’s mind off the procedure. Our office offers a number of television and movie options to help your mind focus on something other than your dental visit.

Making the Right Choice for You

How do you know which sedation option is the right one for your visit? It depends on your personal preferences and the type of procedure you are undergoing. If you suffer from severe dental anxiety, you may need a stronger sedation option. By consulting with Dr. Morad, we can help you prepare for your procedure the right way.

Reach Out Today

Our goal is to help you maintain good dental health in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Contact our office in San Carlos, CA today to learn more about our options for sedation dentistry and how we can help you!



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