December 30, 2015

Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, Dr. Justin Hardison, and the rest of our clinic’s care team want your next appointment to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Many people suffer from mild to severe degrees of dental anxiety, which can prevent them from seeking care services even when they experience oral pain and discomfort. If you have been avoiding seeing a periodontist in Sterling, VA, because of dental anxiety, sedation dentistry services might be right for you.

A More Relaxed Experience

Sedation dentistry helps patients obtain the care services they require without a lot of stress or anxiety. Even people who do not experience particular stress during their dentist appointment can choose sedation services in order to feel more comfortable. Three different sedation options are available at our clinic:

  • Local anesthetic: Medications designed to thoroughly numb the part of the mouth being treated. The patient retains full conscious awareness but does not feel any pain.
  • Oral sedatives: These medicines are given to the patient about an hour before treatment is scheduled to begin. The patient will rest comfortably until the sedative takes full effect. They remain conscious and can speak and respond to commands while feeling deeply relaxed and calm.
  • Intravenous conscious sedation: Medication is delivered through an IV and goes to work very quickly. The patient feels very deeply relaxed but remains conscious. Afterward, the patient is unlikely to retain any clear memories of their appointment.

Patients who opt for oral or IV sedatives will need to arrange for someone to take them home following their appointment. Local anesthetic wears off fully in a few hours while leaving the patient still able to function normally.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Dr. Hardison and Dr. Kharmouche look forward to helping you achieve great dental health. To learn more about the sedative options we offer, or to schedule an appointment with our periodontists, please call our clinic at (703) 951-6756.



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