December 31, 2015

For many of those requiring treatment from a prosthodontist in Brandon, FL, the thought of being confined in a dental chair for an extended period of time may seem downright daunting. Others may not have so much of a problem being restricted in their movements as they do overcoming certain physical conditions that can make dental treatment near impossible. Such conditions may include respiratory problems or a strong gag reflex. If you happen to fall into either of these patient categories, does that mean that you are doomed to suffer dental problems due to a lack of treatment? Or is there a way to help you relax to the point of making effective dental treatment possible?

As your preferred prosthodontist in Brandon, FL, Dr. Assing can help you overcome the challenges you face when receiving dental care through sedation dentistry. This involves using medications such as oral or intravenous sedatives, nitrous oxide, or general anesthetic to help you achieve a state of extreme relaxation during your dental treatment session. This allows for extensive treatment without the threat of you becoming involuntarily combative.

Examining the Different Levels of Sedation

There are three levels of sedation that you may achieve during your treatment. These include:

  • Light sedation: Also known as anxiolysis, this only requires mild sedatives or nitrous oxide to achieve. Most procedures only require this level of sedation.
  • Conscious sedation: Conscious sedation typically requires IV sedatives to get you to a point of extreme relaxation, yet still being able to respond to general commands.
  • Deep sedation: Extensive procedures such as oral surgery may require deep sedation using general anesthesia. Additional personnel are usually needed when using this form of sedation in order to monitor your vital signs and help regulate your breathing.

We here at Brandon Complete Dental Care are well aware of the anxiety that you may face when it comes to receiving dental treatment. That is why Dr. Assing is prepared to help you through effective sedation dentistry. Thanks to this treatment alternative, you can finally receive the care needed to get you back to enjoying good dental health. To schedule a consultation appointment to determine your candidacy for sedation, simply give us a call at 813.603.5005.



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