December 30, 2015

If you are like most, then a trip to the dentist is something that you do not look forward to. In fact, the mere thought of it may cause you to panic. Even with the great care that dental practitioners take to make you feel comfortable and at ease, you may still experience the feeling of being restrained or claustrophobic while in the dental chair, to the point of interfering with your treatment. If this has happened to you before, than a trip to a sedation dentist in St. Petersburg, FL may be in order.

Benefits of Sedated Treatment

Sedation dentistry is increasingly becoming more popular amongst both pediatric and adult dental patients. It involves the use of medications to achieve a level of moderate sedation during dental procedures. Those who have received this treatment rave about the benefits that it offers. These include:

  • Peace-of-mind: If anxiety and fear are ever present while you are in the dentist office, then a sedative will allow you feel more relaxed and decrease the chances of you being involuntarily combative. Plus, you typically remember little of the procedure itself.
  • Less pain: Due to your level of sedation, you experience a much higher pain threshold. In fact, this often allows your dentist to perform your dental work without needing to use anesthetics, which themselves can often cause a reaction.
  • More effective treatment: While you are under sedation, your dentist is often able to perform more extensive work, keeping you from having to return for more follow-up care.

Risk Factors to Consider

However, sedation dentistry is not for everyone. People who are obese or suffer from sleep apnea may have breathing difficulties during their procedures. Plus, there is the risk of having an adverse reaction to the sedative. As such, it is important that you first speak with your dentist and doctor before considering such treatment.

Your fearful feelings about being in the dentist chair are completely normal, and certainly not exclusive to you. At the same time, you do not want them keeping you from receiving needed dental treatment. Not to worry; Dr. Crawford and the rest of our staff here at the St. Petersburg Dental Center have the tools needed to get you through your next dental appointment. Just give us a call today at 727.498.4910 to find out more.



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