February 17, 2016

Perhaps you are afraid of needles, or you have had traumatic experiences at the dentist in the past. Whatever your fear and anxiety surrounding a dental exam, sedation dentistry can help give you a comforting and relaxing experience so that you can get necessary oral care and treatments without fear.

IV sedation, short for intravenous sedation, is generally reserved for serious cases of pain and dental anxiety. An anesthetic is injected directly into your veins, helping you to relax and allowing dentists to adjust the medication level as needed. So how do you know if you are a good candidate for IV sedation dentistry?


  1. You Have Moderate to Severe Dental Anxiety

If just the thought of a dental checkup makes your heart start racing and your breath catch in your throat, you may be a good candidate for IV sedation. IV sedation is reserved for those who have an extreme fear of the dentist or of the tools, noises, sounds, and smells associated with a dental checkup or procedure.


  1. You Have Distressing Dental Memories

IV sedation allows patients to cooperate during their appointment, but it leaves them with no memory of the event. This selective amnesia can be especially helpful for patients who have had upsetting dental experiences in the past.


  1. You Need Extensive Dental Treatments

If you need a lot of dental work done, it can be tough to sit and endure multiple or highly invasive procedures, and often just the thought of having widespread dental treatments done can cause serious anxiety. Sedation dentistry can help alleviate some of that discomfort and fear, and it can help the time pass quickly for patients.

Struggling with a fear of the dentist should not prevent you from getting the dental care you need. If you are interested in experiencing sedation dentistry in Chandler, AZ, for yourself, call us at 844.897.4072 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Walden today.



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