April 25, 2017

Over 40 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, but a lot of people simply get nervous and stressed about going to the dentist. If you keep putting off dental work due to anxiety, you should consider sedation dentistry in Eau Claire, WI. With sedation, you can focus on the dental work instead of these issues that keep you from managing your dental health:

• Fear of dental equipment or needles
• Anxiety from a previous dental experience
• Complex surgeries
• Extensive appointments that require a lot of work
• Sensitive teeth
• Being unable to numb your mouth from a local anesthetic

Dental anxiety is common. It’s estimated that about 86 percent of the population have some form of anxiety about going to the dentist. It is nothing to be ashamed of. When it prevents you from getting treatment for your dental problems, it does need to be addressed.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

• Increased patient cooperation, anxiety makes it difficult to cooperate with the dentist
• Sedation controls your gag reflex, which is increased when you are anxious
• When you are sedated, you will not make unexpected movements
• Relaxation and comfort are increased through sedation
• Amnesia of the treatment, you might remember a few details, but many remember nothing of the surgery
• Less appointments because you can tolerate more dental work without feeling uncomfortable or becoming tired from holding your mouth open
• Your dentist can provide better treatment, because the focus is on your dental work, not dealing with your anxiety or gagging.
• Sedation also helps reduce post-op muscle stiffness or healing time

Improve Your Oral Health

Before you have any treatment, the dentist is going to tell you everything that will be done. You can have the smile you want, even if you have anxiety. Let one of our dentists help you deal with your dental anxiety when you make an appointment for sedation dentistry in Eau Claire, WI.



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