May 3, 2016

If you have any kind of dental anxiety, which is very common among people of all ages, then sedation dentistry is a phenomenon you need to know about. If you are one of those people who would rather do almost anything than go to the dentist and you wait until the very last minute to schedule an appointment for your regular teeth cleaning, sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry may just change your relationship with your dentist completely. Here are some reasons why sedation dentistry might be your best bet.


  • Sedation dentistry uses calming medicines to help you relax during your dentist’s appointments.
  • You can have your level of sedation tailored to your wants and needs. Some people might prefer to be just very lightly sedated during basic checkups and cleanings, but want to be deeply sedated during more intense procedures or treatments that have the potential to cause pain.
  • Different types of sedation are used, depending on the sedative level, the dentist’s office and the person. You may be offered oral sedation, inhaled sedation, sedatives through an IV or even a general anesthesia which will put you completely to sleep.
  • Sedation generally wears off soon after your dental appointment is finished so that you can return back to your life and function normally.


If your anxiety levels skyrocket at the mere mention of the word ‘dentist’, then sedation dentistry is something you will want to look into. The sedative medications used can be enormously helpful when it comes to helping you to make it through your next dental appointment with ease.


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