February 5, 2016

Many people put off getting dental treatment for a variety of reasons. In fact, Colgate says that 15 percent of people avoid dental work. The reasons often include dental anxiety, low pain tolerance, fear of a large amount of dental work, a poor gag reflex, a tendency to fidget or extremely sensitive teeth. Dental professionals certainly recognize this fear of visiting a general dentist and sympathize with it. If you are the type of person who is reluctant to visit the dentist—and many people are—then sedation dentistry in Amherst, NY, could address many of your fears. Here’s why.

Sedation for Quick and Complicated Procedures Alike

If all you need is a modest tooth cleaning, you can get sedation for that. Likewise with more complicated procedures. You will most likely remain awake during the procedure unless you are under general anesthesia. With minimal sedation, the medication helps you relax, and you stay awake. Examples of this type of sedation include a pill or laughing gas and oxygen. It is even possible that you can drive home or back to work afterward.

With moderate sedation, you may not recall much of what happened, and you may be sedated via a pill or through IV fluids; the IV approach works faster. When you are in deep sedation, you are almost unconscious but still capable of being wakened. For deep sedation or general anesthesia, you will be medicated as necessary.

However, before you are sedated and regardless of sedation type, you usually receive a local anesthetic to numb your pain at the site of the procedure. It is also important to check that your dentist is qualified to administer sedation.

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