November 24, 2015

For many people, the idea of having their teeth cleaned generates a significant amount of fear. They prefer the agony of a toothache and avoid treatment completely than visit a dentist. For those people, sedation dentistry may be the solution to relieving their anxiety.

Anxiety-Free Treatment Alternatives

Dental sedation enables your periodontist or general dentist to provide a wide variety of dental treatments comfortably and safely. In fact, it is an uncomplicated, stress-free, and relaxing approach to experience dental visits. The patients who benefit most from sedation dentistry include those who have a hard time sitting still for long periods, a fear of pain, or dread a specific dental procedure. Three ways to make sedation dentistry work for you include:

  1. Oral sedation. A pill taken orally will make you feel tired and drowsy, but you will remain awake. A larger dose may be administered to deliver more sedation. Some people taking moderate oral sedation actually become groggy enough to fall asleep during the procedure.
  2. Local anesthetic. An injection of anesthesia is placed at the operative site to eliminate sensations, feeling, or pain in a particular area in your mouth. While a block injection numbs an entire section of your jaw or mouth, an infiltration injection only numbs a smaller portion.
  3. Intravenous (IV) conscious sedation. A sedative placed intravenously goes to work quickly, allowing your dentist to adjust the level of sedation. While you are under general anesthesia, you cannot easily be awakened until the effects of the anesthesia either wear off or are reversed with medication.

Understanding the range of choices available to provide anxiety-free procedures is helpful for those who have been avoiding treatment.

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