November 30, 2015

Whether you have suffered a traumatic experience in a dental office in the past or simply cringe at the thought of any type of pain that may be inflicted, going to the dentist can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, avoiding oral health-related procedures can result in even more issues down the road. The good news is that you can stop postponing that visit and breathe deep knowing sedation dentistry may be an option for you.

How It Works

The gas nitrous-oxide is a common option for sedation. It is sans odor and color and is inhaled by the patient prior to and throughout the procedure. The amount being given can be altered at any point based on the patient’s needs. During the procedure, the patient remains awake and able to follow simple instruction, but is in a relaxed state. He or she should not experience any pain and the memory of the procedure, if any, may be fairly hazy afterwards.

Ideal Candidates 

The majority of people are good candidates for sedation dentistry to overcome their dental anxiety. For those who have had negative experiences with numbing medications or exhibit a quick gag reflex, this is an ideal way to circumvent the problem. Patients with tooth sensitivity or a low threshold for pain can also benefit. For those who have anxiety about the prospect of sitting in a dental chair, this can be a comforting option.

Lingering Effects

Sedation dentistry is preferred by many due to its lack of side effects. The most lingering effect that most encounter is a sense of grogginess. Due to this, it is important that the patient has assistance in getting home.

If you have been putting off your visit and are seeking a general dentist in Kennewick, WA, who provides dental sedation services, we can help. Contact Andrew T. Mohlman, DDS, at (509) 590-0072 to set up an appointment today.



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