September 20, 2018

Woman undergoing sedation dentistryAcross the country, there are thousands if not millions of people who avoid going to the dentist for reasons that are often hard to understand to others. These reasons are rooted in dental phobia  or anxiety, which can be difficult to overcome. Today, dentists like Dr. Mark Iacobelli and Dr. Stephen Sala have adopted methods that help them treat those with dental anxiety in ways that do not provoke the condition. Over time, more positive dental experiences can even reduce fear and anxiety about oral cleanings and procedures overall. The key is sedation dentistry, a combination of methods designed to treat patients with various levels of anxiety using modern sedation methods.

I.V. Sedation for Dental Treatment

At our office, Drs. Iacobelli and Sala specialize in I.V. sedation. This method uses anesthesia that leaves the patient with no memory of the procedure and no pain during it. Other sedation methods are also available, including oral sedation when necessary, but I.V. treatments for dental anxiety can be difficult to find because they take specialized training. That’s why our office is proud to provide this service as needed to patients with dental anxiety.

Benefits of Sedation Treatment 

  • Lowered anxiety and stress levels
  • Less negative associations with dental visits
  • Lowered perceived pain from procedures

When using I.V. sedation, patients need to be prepared for full anesthesia. This means the office will give you instructions about when to cease food and drink before the procedure, and patients will need someone available to transport them home after the procedure. Overall, the effects of the sedation will wear off over the course of the rest of the day, but different patients will react to it in different ways, so predicting how long it takes to completely wear off is difficult.

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