November 12, 2018

Often, parents ask if sedation dentistry is an option for their child. A pediatric dentist with experience in sedation dentistry in Avon, OH, can ensure that your child gets the care he or she requires, even if they have special needs or circumstances that could otherwise complicate a procedure. Read the most frequently asked questions about pediatric sedation below or contact Dr. Carolyn B. Crowell for a consultation, to learn more.

Common Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Questions

  1. What are the reasons my child might need sedation dentistry?
    • If they suffer from severe dental fear or anxiety
    • If they have a condition like Down Syndrome or Autism that may call for special attention
    • If they are very young and would not be able to cooperate with the dental team during a procedure
  2. Is sedation dentistry safe for my child?
    In general, sedation dentistry is safe and effective. Your pediatric dentist will follow the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to ensure that your child receives the highest quality care. Risk can also be minimized by discussing any medical conditions or medications with your dentist before the procedure.
  3. What types of sedation dentistry are there?
    • Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a form of sedation that causes a happy, comfortable feeling that lasts only while being administered. The effects wear off immediately.
    • IV conscious sedation is a deeper form of sedation dentistry that allows patients to have a painless procedure without any lasting memory of it. It is also referred to as sleep dentistry.
  4. Does the doctor decide if my child receives sedation dentistry?
    Your child’s doctor will only make a suggestion if it seems like an option that will improve the results of the procedure or your child’s experience. You will always be in control of your child’s well-being.

Your child’s health and happiness are our highest priorities. Join us for a consultation to hear more about sedation dentistry in Avon, OH. Contact our office to schedule your appointment with pediatric dentist Dr. Carolyn B. Cromwell, today. Dr. Crowell offers nitrous oxide and IV sedation, with the option of outpatient general anesthesia.



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