August 2, 2018

Some estimates report that up to 15 percent of Americans have such an immense fear of seeing the dentist, they avoid seeing one entirely for months or year on end. It is critical to schedule routine dental appointments. For anyone who really needs it in Stuart, Florida, Dr. Michael Sohl offers several sedation dentistry options to make patients feel more relaxed.

IV Sedation

This is a moderate form of sedation dentistry that goes to work quickly as soon as it is administered. It is received intravenously, and Dr. Sohl can alter the level of sedation the patient receives throughout the procedure depending on the individual’s needs.

Oral Sedation

Before your treatment begins, our dental professional can provide you with a small pill to take orally. The pill makes you feel drowsy, but you will still be awake throughout the entire procedure. In the event the person does fall asleep, our dentist can wake him or her up with a gentle shake.

Nitrous Oxide

Most patients will know this as laughing gas. Dr. Sohl will administer the gas through a mask placed over the nose, allowing you to relax. It wears off quickly, so most patients who receive this form of sedation dentistry can typically drive themselves home.

Local Anesthesia

This type of sedation can either be used by itself or in conjunction with other sedation dentistry methods. It numbs the area Dr. Sohl needs to work on, so you will feel minimal discomfort. The anesthetic takes several hours to wear off, so the patient may have trouble drinking and eating right after the appointment.

Our Dentist Makes Everyone Feel Right at Home

Communication is important between dentists and their patients. People who visit our office should relay any fears or anxieties, and Dr. Sohl will work hard to find solutions for them. Call our office in Stuart, FL today, knowing you will be treated with the utmost care.



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