September 18, 2017

It’s estimated that about 15 percent of Americans suffer from dental phobia. This isn’t simply nervousness about going to the dentist, but a paralyzing fear of dental treatment. Instead of avoiding a dentist, consider sedation dentistry, which involves the use of sedatives during treatment. Here are four of the main benefits:

  • Relieves dental anxiety
    This may be the difference between accessing dental care to maintain your healthy smile and avoiding it. We see many patients in Mt. Horeb who might not ever come into our office if it wasn’t for dental sedation.
  • Reduces the memory of the procedure
    Sometimes, dental anxietyincreases with every appointment to the dentist. In some cases, sedation dentistry erases the memory or at least makes it very hazy. Anxiety isn’t reinforced and you can get the treatment you need.
  • Reduces the gag reflux
    A functional gag reflex prevents you from inhaling anything but air. When the gag reflux is very extremely sensitive, it can make it difficult for a dentist to do the work that needs to be done. Sedation during dentistry reduces the urge to gag during treatment.
  • Faster treatment

Dental work can be completed in fewer sessions when using sedation. Not only does this reduce the discomfort, it benefits your pocketbook by having efficient treatment. When you have a lot of dental work that needs to be done, sedation offers convenience.

Learn more about dental sedation when you make an appointment with Dr. Cotey. Our office uses the latest technology in dental circles, such as digital X-rays, restorative dentistry and cari-free cavity detection. We use methods to make your treatment as comfortable as possible to help you be more confident and have the beautiful smile you’ll always dreamed of. Whether you need routine cleaning and X-rays or require extensive work, we can take care of your teeth and mouth. Contact us to relive your dental anxiety with sedation dentistry in Mt. Horeb, WI today!



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