Fear, anxiety and generalized aversion to receiving dental treatment are feelings affecting quite a large number of people. Though common and experienced at varying levels of intensity, these obstacles keep many from seeking much needed treatment. 

The dental community has responded by offering several methods of dental sedation, one of which is IV sedation dentistry, also referred to as conscious sedation.

Who Can Receive IV Sedation Dentistry?

For many patients, fear, anxiety and aversion to treatment can be effectively managed with IV sedation dentistry services. To meet such needs, a greater number of dentists are becoming trained and certified to provide IV conscious sedation. Depending on medical health, patients of all ages may be candidates to receive this method of sedation, including children, teenagers, adults and older individuals.

Why Choose IV Sedation Dentistry?

Patients receiving dental IV sedation remain “awake,” or conscious, throughout the procedure. The individual can respond to instructions and requests posed by the clinical team, yet will have amnesia of the procedure. Those who have experienced one or more of the following scenarios may choose to receive dental IV sedation during dental procedures:
  • Generalized mouth pain or sensitivity
  • Shame associated with current oral condition
  • Difficulty remaining mouth open throughout treatment
  • Moderate to severe dental fear or anxiety
  • Previous distressing dental experiences
  • Complex or multiple procedures required
  • Behavioral concerns or difficulties impeding treatment

Explore the Benefits of IV Sedation

All patients deserve to comfortably receive the treatment needed to maintain a healthy smile. If fear, anxiety and aversion to the dental environment are keeping you or a family member out of the dental chair, IV sedation dentistry may be the right solution. Contact your dentist today to learn more about the benefits of IV conscious sedation.

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